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Travel Itinerary Template

Yes I know I’m writing about a travel itinerary template when right now the furthest a normal person can travel is their local park! But one day we will be able to travel again and sometimes the thought of stepping onto a plane is the only thing that gets me through a day of home schooling.

I can’t be the only one right? I have always loved organising my travel plans and planning them out, not down to the minute because where’s the fun in that but I would definitely always have some fun days out planned in advance so I didn’t spend all my time around the pool with a cocktail. Plus a lot of the time you can get cheaper tickets by booking in advance before you leave home.

I have created a travel itinerary template to complete before you travel, print out and put it with your other travel info like flight confirmations and package details.

I used my trusty to create this but you could create a similar document using photoshop, word or even excel. You can download my template here if you would like to use this and save yourself a job!

Travel Itinerary

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