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Travel Important Information Template

I will confess to being a self-diagnosed over planner. Before each trip I like to print everything out when travelling and create a little folder to take on each trip. You may or may not find I have kept each trip folder for memories.

Typical content for the folder includes:

-insurance details, print out of the policy summary

-flight and package holiday confirmation

-any prebooked activity confirmations ie water park tickets or tours

With the folder I also like to create a travel important information document which I don’t actually print out but keep in my Google Drive for emergencies. This document holds information like insurance key info, passport numbers, local embassy information etc; Information I would need in an emergency and I lost my folder. I don’t print this out because of the confidential info like passport numbers.

I’ve done a template again using that you can download for this important information sheet.

Important Travel Info


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