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DIY patchwork quilt

This post is actually bought to you by my Mum. The original creative although her name is Steph so she’s Creative Steph! She loves making patchwork quilts and finds it really therapeutic she recently made one and documented the process so I could share it with you.

Your first step is to gather old clothes or material that you want to make your quilt out of. You will also need some old greetings cards like birthday cards to make your patchwork templates out of and some good quality material scissors.

Next you cut out your desired shape my Mum sticks to hexagons as she already has a template. She draws around the outside on the fabric and the inside of the hexagon on the cards so the fabric can overlap the edges of the cards.

The next step is to loosely sew the material onto the card hexagons.

Then you start making your pattern. My Mum tends to create flower shapes and then sew the flowers together. You just sew the edges of the material together making sure you don’t catch any of the card insert as you will be removing that later.

Once the shapes are sewn together and you have your quilt you can start to remove the card inserts. Just remove the loose tacking thread you sewed initially and leave the stitching on the edges that connect the shapes.

Once you have your finished quilt you attach a backing fabric like cotton to finish it off and hide the edges. I have a quilt throw that my Mum made me that is just like a sheet with fleece cotton backing and my Mum has a quilt she left an opening on to use as a duvet cover which just fastens with buttons so the choice is yours on how you finish it!

The pattern while it was a work in progress

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