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Laundry Labels

I recently got a membership to Costco and started buying my laundry items in bulk but wanted a more aesthetically pleasing set of containers to put the items in.

On a recent trip to IKEA I picked up one of the bottles for the fabric conditioner and a glass jar for the washing pods. For right now I am using an old coleslaw container for the scent booster but I’m keeping my eyes open for a better solution for that.

The bottle for the fabric conditioner is called a carafe (902.797.19) and was £3, the container for the washing pods was called VARDAGEN jar and lid (002.919.28) and was £3.

I used a free font and the cricut Explore Air to cut out the labels and applied them to the containers and just like that, beautiful storage worthy of Pinterest!


DIY Halloween Wreath

I’ve put together a little post to show you my simple DIY Halloween wreath. I really wanted a wreath for our door but I didn’t want to spend £25+ on one so I scoured Home Bargains for the necessary bits to make my own and I think in total it cost me £5.

I already had the steering wheel cover which I wasn’t using so that was free. I bought two strands of Halloween tinsel and a face mask kit from Home Bargains. I used my glue gun to secure the tinsel which i wrapped around the steering wheel cover. I then made up the mask and secured it again using the glue gun to the top of the wreath.

I then used my Cricut to cut out some text saying Happy Halloween and protected the words in a plastic document folder so it would be ok outdoors. You can’t even tell the words are in the plastic.

The finished Halloween wreath

Doesn’t it look good! I used some blue ribbon I had to just add a little pop of colour and used a command hook to secure it to the front door. I’m really pleased with it and it only cost £5!

DIY patchwork quilt

This post is actually bought to you by my Mum. The original creative although her name is Steph so she’s Creative Steph! She loves making patchwork quilts and finds it really therapeutic she recently made one and documented the process so I could share it with you.

Your first step is to gather old clothes or material that you want to make your quilt out of. You will also need some old greetings cards like birthday cards to make your patchwork templates out of and some good quality material scissors.

Next you cut out your desired shape my Mum sticks to hexagons as she already has a template. She draws around the outside on the fabric and the inside of the hexagon on the cards so the fabric can overlap the edges of the cards.

The next step is to loosely sew the material onto the card hexagons.

Then you start making your pattern. My Mum tends to create flower shapes and then sew the flowers together. You just sew the edges of the material together making sure you don’t catch any of the card insert as you will be removing that later.

Once the shapes are sewn together and you have your quilt you can start to remove the card inserts. Just remove the loose tacking thread you sewed initially and leave the stitching on the edges that connect the shapes.

Once you have your finished quilt you attach a backing fabric like cotton to finish it off and hide the edges. I have a quilt throw that my Mum made me that is just like a sheet with fleece cotton backing and my Mum has a quilt she left an opening on to use as a duvet cover which just fastens with buttons so the choice is yours on how you finish it!

The pattern while it was a work in progress

Toilet signs

We recently bought a house and the first room I redecorated was the downstairs cloakroom. I wanted some humorous toilet signs but the ones I could find where quite expensive and I knew I could recreate for less. Yet again I used my trusty Canva account to create some free printables with funny sayings in some lovely fonts and just bought some cheap gold frames from BnM. I’ve attached some pictures and also the free printables in case you would like them as well!

Travel Important Information Template

I will confess to being a self-diagnosed over planner. Before each trip I like to print everything out when travelling and create a little folder to take on each trip. You may or may not find I have kept each trip folder for memories.

Typical content for the folder includes:

-insurance details, print out of the policy summary

-flight and package holiday confirmation

-any prebooked activity confirmations ie water park tickets or tours

With the folder I also like to create a travel important information document which I don’t actually print out but keep in my Google Drive for emergencies. This document holds information like insurance key info, passport numbers, local embassy information etc; Information I would need in an emergency and I lost my folder. I don’t print this out because of the confidential info like passport numbers.

I’ve done a template again using that you can download for this important information sheet.

Important Travel Info

Travel Itinerary Template

Yes I know I’m writing about a travel itinerary template when right now the furthest a normal person can travel is their local park! But one day we will be able to travel again and sometimes the thought of stepping onto a plane is the only thing that gets me through a day of home schooling.

I can’t be the only one right? I have always loved organising my travel plans and planning them out, not down to the minute because where’s the fun in that but I would definitely always have some fun days out planned in advance so I didn’t spend all my time around the pool with a cocktail. Plus a lot of the time you can get cheaper tickets by booking in advance before you leave home.

I have created a travel itinerary template to complete before you travel, print out and put it with your other travel info like flight confirmations and package details.

I used my trusty to create this but you could create a similar document using photoshop, word or even excel. You can download my template here if you would like to use this and save yourself a job!

Travel Itinerary

Sweetie wreath

This wreath is a great use of those boxes of chocolate you have at Christmas, making a really colourful display to show alongside your traditional decorations.

All you need is a wire coat hanger, sewing thread, chocolates and some patience! For reference I used Quality Street and this was a tub and a box.

Take the wire coat hanger and bend it into a circular shape, open the chocolates (you can eat all the chocolates without a twist end) and cut off a length of thread.

Tie one end of the thread onto the hanger, bring a chocolate up to the hanger and start looping the thread around one twisty end of a chocolate. A couple of loops around should be enough to secure it, I also looped the thread around the hanger as well to make sure it was secure. It also helps to keep the chocolate nice and tight against the hanger. Continue adding chocolates as you work your way around the hanger. You can have it as sparse or as full as you prefer.

To add more thread just cut off another length and tie it onto the thread you’re already using to extend it. Once you reach the end of the hanger and you’re happy with the look you can just tie the thread off on the hanger in a knot. This was my wreath!

Back to school checklist

My son is starting in year 8 and as we have had so long off school lately we are struggling to get back into the swing of routine so I created a printable checklist and put it into an A4 picture frame in his room.

As usual I used trusty to create the printable and I actually found the background as part of another template by searching for school checklist and I simply changed the text to be applicable for my son.

I have hung the frame right inside his doorway so it’s the last thing he sees before he leaves his room in the morning and so far, so good. We haven’t had any forgotten item incidents (touch wood)! I have of course created the printable for you to use as well if you like just click the button to download.

Packing checklist and outfit planner

I’ve used Canva to create a packing checklist and outfit planner. I find planning outfits for myself and my son makes it so much easier to pack and remember everything I need. Even if we don’t wear the outfits in the order that I’ve planned the point is I know I’ve got enough outfits. I don’t outfit plan for my partner as we are very different packers and he chucks it all in at the last minute and still never manages to forget anything. Not a skill I have!

I find thinking about the packing and outfits also helps me get excited for trips or holidays.

This travel outfit planner is available to download for your own use for free:

Travel outfit planner

Once you have your outfits planned out, I like to create an overall packing list and use it in conjunction with my outfit planner sheet when I come to pack. On the packing checklist I will just write clothes and it allows me to remember other items like accessories, toiletries and electronics chargers – vital for a holiday with an 11 year old!

The packing list is available for download for your own use for free also. I hope you find them useful just like I do. Alternatively you can use Canva to create your own travel planning documents for print or download.

Packing checklist