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Packing checklist and outfit planner

I’ve used Canva to create a packing checklist and outfit planner. I find planning outfits for myself and my son makes it so much easier to pack and remember everything I need. Even if we don’t wear the outfits in the order that I’ve planned the point is I know I’ve got enough outfits. I don’t outfit plan for my partner as we are very different packers and he chucks it all in at the last minute and still never manages to forget anything. Not a skill I have!

I find thinking about the packing and outfits also helps me get excited for trips or holidays.

This travel outfit planner is available to download for your own use for free:

Travel outfit planner

Once you have your outfits planned out, I like to create an overall packing list and use it in conjunction with my outfit planner sheet when I come to pack. On the packing checklist I will just write clothes and it allows me to remember other items like accessories, toiletries and electronics chargers – vital for a holiday with an 11 year old!

The packing list is available for download for your own use for free also. I hope you find them useful just like I do. Alternatively you can use Canva to create your own travel planning documents for print or download.

Packing checklist

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